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For Approval: Primary Psychological Assessment of Communications Officer Niss Eight-Five-Eight


Subject has been observed to engage in frequent spontaneous fantasies or lies, usually mid-conversation, sometimes with no discernable segue from the preceding topic. These stories may include wild embroidering of existing facts or theories, unflattering or insulting implications for herself, her conversation partners or others not present; however, there appears to be no malice or self-service intended: indeed, she will invite others to join her in building the tale or creating their own. She describes honesty as “really a very interesting idea”.

Subject appears confused by others’ negative responses to her behaviour.

Additionally, the subject remains clearly aware of the nature of her fabrications, and readily admits them to be such, sometimes immediately after communicating them. [Note: this is not always the case: she allowed one of the interviewing clinicians to believe for three weeks that there was a combined Andalite-Kelbrid-Hawjabran fleet approaching this system. See also her supervising officer’s cited reasons for referral to us.]

[Didn’t help that Eshret went and confused ‘Hawjabran’ with ‘Helmacron'. Perhaps we should assess him next.]

Note that subject does not engage in petty fabrications: her lies instead tend to be grandiose or thematic. Her behaviour while lying (see attached transcript) matches her stated motivation to ‘try the stories out’ rather than enact any long term deception. Her primary motivations appear to be curiosity and personal-professional fascination. However, assessment for Functional Monomania found sub-clinical indicators only.

Subject’s falsehoods do not appear to be compulsive: of a sample of 1560 messages on record handled in her capacity as communications officer, 1540 were relayed with a high degree of accuracy. Upon being questioned about the remainder, subject was able to provide coherent reasons for substantial alterations (see attached examples) to 11 messages; she claimed not to remember her reasons for inaccurately relaying the other 9, but suggested examination of her memory dumps if the interviewers wished to ascertain them. [Note: access to subject’s memory dumps has been refused by Sub-visser Forty-five’s staff due to Tier Four Classification.]

[All right, send this on to Arkeen. And let him know that I’m not pleased with his wasting my time. The only problem here is a personality defect and I’m not entirely convinced it’s in the comms officer. If one of his underlings is enthusiastic about their work, that should hardly cause him concern. I’ve also given her a copy of our diagnostic manual – after all, she asked nicely and if she uses it well Arkeen should think twice before using us as a disciplinary substitute again.]